The future is here

I've started to transition my personal sandbox pages to MVC, Razor, Bootstrap, SignalR and WebSockets. This is a never-ending process, not a project with a schedule or even a defined out-come.

From a technical point of view this is a rather marked step from the nearly static content (HTML, later with minor bits of SSI) to actively generated content. I still haven't decided how I deal with my old habit of copying random temporary files onto the server over local LAN for quick semi-public access, but that's something I don't even want to think about until the time comes. Currently the cloud services like OneDrive seem to give a reasonable solution for this dilemma.


The whole setup has always been a sandbox environment for myself to try out new things whenever I have the time and interest. I had a long period with interests in completely different spectrum of the software engineering space, but the recent development in modern web-tech and mobile devices (phone, tablets) have caught my attention again. Most of the things I add here will be limited to myself alone, but some stuff may end up as public samples (sometimes even into public domain).


Who knows. The current ideas run around providing some kind of useless real-time data next winter during the astrophoto season, with stuff like sensor data, tracking curves and plate-solve results pushed directly from the observatory.

Or I might want to figure out even earlier how to push updates from my phone or my home automation projects.